Slide Looking for an experienced iOS Developer? < hire_ios_developer > I have extensive work experience in iOS Development, My portfolio will ensure you that I am capable to deliver any complex project on time, my key to success is responsibility and experience, this stands me out from other iOS Developers who are trying to quickly get their payments. Hiring me will bring you more than a value in the project, you will get more than just a regular iOS Developer, my skillset will help any project to achieve its goals very effectively and with high quality. Schedule A Free Consultation Call
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The Features I Can
Include In Your iOS Application

Complex UI

Develop complex UI designs to meet 100% pixel perfect build for all iOS Device sizes.

Modern Architecture

The application will be written using modern Architectural Patterns like MVVM, MVC, Viper, VIP.

Backend Integration

Using Parse, Firebase I will provide the backend for your next iOS Application.

Track Anything

Using modern solutions, Firebase, Mixpanel, UXCam, Flurry we can track everything in your application.

30 Days Support

Code Level support for 30 days, providing hotfixes for application.

Financial Services

Using Stripe, Paypal, and other payment gateways, we can implement a solution for your application.
iOS App Idea
You have to validate your idea of iOS Application with set of requirements, to be ready for a technical call with me.
I am reviewing each request for a call, filtrating it and contacting right away if you qualify for iOS App Development
Schedule A Call
Let's talk about technology! 30 minutes conference call session to see if I can help you improve your project and your processes
This call is mandatory to identify your project, to talk about budgeting, project deadlines and overall project concept
Development Process
Starting from this point we are in active development process with controlled tasks.
As a source control, I use Github, BitBucket, SVN. For task management, I can use Jira, Trello, Redbooth. Builds will be provided using CI / CD.
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About My Experience

I have been working professionally as an iOS Developer for over 7 years now. Through those years I have become advanced in developing full feature apps using both Objective-C and Swift. Many of the apps I have worked on, are very high profile with names you would easily recognize. I am responsible for a full lifecycle of next-generation iOS App Development starting from gathering documentation to testing and deploying it.

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Is Your Project Ongoing?

If you are searching for a developer for your ongoing project, I am available to meet your requirements as I have development experience working with startups and enterprise companies.

MVC, MVP, VIPER, MVVM, VIP, Clean Architecture
TDD, Clean, DRY, Layered, Maintainable Code
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery / Automated Tests
Agile methodology / Scrum / Kanban

Jailbreak Check

Years of dealing with Jailbroken devices, i have solution in 2020 how to identify them


As a Freelancer, I always try to satisfy my clients, my work is transparent and I always do-follow ups for my clients.

Team Work

During my career I have worked with more than 25 international companies dealing with ongoing projects, I can integrate my self in any kind of team to support, learn, and write quality code

Time To Market

Motivated to support Time To Market (TTM), and ship projects as soon as possible

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Project Categories
I have worked On!

Photo Editing App

I have worked on a variety of Photo Editing applications, which supported Face Recognition, Smile Recognition, Custom Filters, and much more.

Fintech Applications

I have worked with first NeoBank in Georgia called Space and first-ever NeoBank in Uzbekistan called TBC UZ, Created this application from scratch with my iOS Team.

Social Networking App

Worked with a variety of social networking apps, with messengers, GPS, Map tracking
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Choose Your Plan

Senior iOS Developer

per hour
  • Part-Time / Full-Time iOS Development
  • CI/CD For iOS Project
  • GIT Infrastructure Creation
  • Architectural Overview / Consultation
  • 30 Days Code Level Support

iOS Consultation

per hour
  • Developer Leveling Up Action Plan
  • CI/CD Consultation For iOS Project
  • GIT Infrastructure Consultation
  • Architectural Overview / Consultation
  • Migration from X to Y Architecture

Charity App

per hour
  • Part-Time / Full-Time iOS Development
  • CI/CD For iOS Project
  • GIT Infrastructure Creation
  • Architectural Overview / Consultation
  • 30 Days Code Level Support
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Shop My Lightweight
App For Business

If you are not ready to dive into an Application Development process, and you only need an application to showcase your business with cool maps, gallery, a news feed, and details page to generate leads, you can purchase my creation, enter requested details and in under 3 days, you will receive fully functional native iOS Application, ready to submit on TestFlight

Levan Mamulashvili, Lead iOS Developer